Community Outreach

outreach table
Program assistant, Amanda Sheehy, educating the local public on manatee facts using a manatee skull for visual representation.
stranding hoist
Our UF Marine Animal Rescue Stranding truck demonstrating how we life heavy animals using a hoist system.

Community outreach is an important part of our mission in training. Our program visits local schools, camps, and festivals/events, to educate the public on aquatic animal facts, artifact identification, common conservation issues aquatic species are facing, and information about our program opportunities. We have something for all ages and it is our goal to make learning fun! We have a variety of hands-on and interactive activities. Some events that we participate in are UF CVM Open House, The Jacksonville Right Whale Festival, 4-H Camps, Career day at local schools, and so many more.


If you are interested in having us attend your event please contact any of the following: Program Email, Amanda Sheehy, or Laurie Adler.

manatee hospital
Our “Manatee Hospital” demonstration set up. Kids learn about how to properly rescue a stranded animal and what happens when it is taken to a rehabilitation facility for medical assistance.
yuck and yummy game board
Our “Whats in my Tummy? Match Yucky and Yummy.” game. Kids learn using matching about what animals eat and what pollution, that looks similar to prey items, can be harmful to these animals. ¬© Aquatic Animal Health Program
marinelife game
Our “Marine Life” game; similar to the game of “Life”. Players live the life of a marine animal while learning facts and conservation issues these animals face in their species life. ¬©Aquatic Animal Health Program