A Look Inside Our Distance Learning Courses

This is a look into how a Distance Learning Course is set up. These are screenshots showing the Course materials page, receiving assignments via weekly modules, seeing a sample lecture and a question and answer session with the Course Coordinator.

Course Materials Page


Inside a Course Module

The module as shown in the above picture

inside course module

Sample Lecture

sample lecture

Q&A Session and Discussion Board


Student Participation

While many of our students are in the EST timezone, students have participated from around the globe. Undergraduate and graduate students in our courses are often Animal Science, Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences, Marine Biology, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, or Zoology majors. Many of the undergraduate students are on a pre-veterinary medicine track. We also offer this course to veterinary medicine students and as continuing education for veterinarian CE credit. Others interested in furthering their education may also benefit from the CE enrollment option such as aquarists, biologists, and veterinary technicians.

students from all over the world
Students have participated from all over the world!