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Tatiana Weisbrod


Dr. Tatiana Weisbrod

Dr. Tatiana Weisbrod is the current University of Florida Aquatic Animal Medicine Resident. We are thrilled that Dr. Weisbrod is continuing her training here at UF with our program. She has previously completed the AAH internship and is working on finishing her MS work on diagnostic strategies and management of parasitic enteritis in the Florida manatee. As she begins her residency, she plans to continue her research, go through local clinical rotations, and assist in clinical cases when needed. She will then enhance her clinical training at Bush Gardens Tampa and then SeaWorld for her residency training. She looks forward to continue to work with the program and its partners.


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Weisbrod, T. C., Isaza, R., Cray, C., Adler, L., & Stacy, N. I. (2020). The importance of manual white blood cell differential counts and platelet estimates in elephant hematology: blood film review is essential. Veterinary Quarterly, 1-6.

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Weisbrod, T. C., Walsh, M. T., Marquardt, S., & Giglio, R. F. (2020). Computed Tomography Diagnosis of Pneumothorax and Cardiac Foreign Body Secondary to Stingray Injury in a Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus). Aquatic Mammals46(3), 326-330. DOI:10.1578/AM.46.3.2020.326

Weisbrod, T.C., Jeon, A.B., Pouder, D.B., Stacy, N.I., Walden, H.S., Frasca,S., Yanong,R.P.E., Ossiboff, R.J. (2019) Mortality Associated with Severe Necrotizing Intestinal Amoebiasis in Captive-Housed Cranwell’s Horned Frogs (Ceratophrys cranwelli). IAAAM 2019. Abstract

M Shocklee


Dr. Miceala Shocklee

Dr. Miceala Shocklee is the current University of Florida Aquatic Animal Medicine Intern. She completed her undergraduate degree at the California Institute of Technology and her veterinary degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Miceala returned to the U.S. to undertake her rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital in California. Miceala's professional interests center around wildlife and zoological species disease and conservation, with particular interest in aquatic and marine mammal species and in the impact of anthropogenic activity on wild animal health.

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