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Educational opportunities offered through the Aquatic Animal Health (AAH) Program are geared towards graduate and professional training (veterinary students and continuing education for DVMs and others) with limited undergraduate access through our distance learning courses. Undergraduate students should be upper-level (in their last two years) but do not have to be marine biology or animal science majors on a pre-veterinary medicine track.

A curriculum in Aquatic Animal Medicine has been designed for veterinary students and is available through our certificate program. Advanced post-DVM training is offered through our highly competitive internship (1 per year) and residency (1 per 3 years) training programs in addition to the CE provided through our online courses.

Additionally, the AAH Program also sponsors a seminar series during the fall and spring semesters which are open to the public. More information on these seminars as well as other upcoming activities (such as conferences and workshops relating to aquatic animal health) can be found on our Events page.

On the left-hand menu you can view information on our summer short courses, Diseases of Warmwater Fish and SeaVet Clinical Training, by clicking on Courses. Also listed in the menu is a list of our Distance Learning Courses and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our distance education program.

Those interested in career options in aquatic animal medicine may find the following document helpful in determining their educational path: Preparing for a Career in Aquatic Animal Medicine