dolphinsTraditional Courses

Topics in Aquatic Animal Health – VME 6938/VEM5931 (Fall and Spring semesters, 1 credit, max: 4(VME) 3(VEM), letter grade(VME) pass/fail(VEM), UF students) The class meets once a week and is in the format of presentation/discussion by students of selected articles relating to aquatic animal health, including both vertebrates and invertebrates. It also includes attendance to the monthly Aquatic Animal Health seminar series. For registration contact Dr. Larkin.

SeaVet Clinical Training (next class 2019, available for UF and non-UF students) is an intensive ten day course in the summer semester designed to teach veterinary medical students and veterinarians through didactic lecture, case-based problem-solving and practical experience. Additional fees apply. Click on link for more information about this course.

Marine Mammal MedicineVEM5377 (Fall semester, UF students).  This course is more focused on specific marine mammal health issues and medicine. For registration contact Dot McColskey.

Distance Learning Courses

For more information on AAH online courses please visit our Distance Education webpage. Our courses are available in different formats to meet the needs of traditional students (undergraduate, graduate, and veterinary) as well as professionals (CE credit for DVMs in Florida as well as general continuing education).

Additional courses offered by other institutions