Samantha Koda

samantha kodaSamantha graduated in 2017 with a Master’s in Veterinary Medical Sciences from UF CVM and has continued on to a PhD in the same program working on fish viruses. Her research focus is on a virus called Megalocytivirus which is known to infect over 150 species of freshwater and marine fish around the world. This virus is of particular importance to the state of Florida, which is one of the top importers and breeders of ornamental fish in the United States. With the ornamental fish trade largely unregulated, this virus often goes unseen and can cause significant mortalities up to 100%. Through conventional and quantitative PCR, virus isolation, in situ hybridization, and next generation sequencing, she hopes to gain a better understanding behind the genetics, pathology, and transmission of this virus, while also improving the current diagnostic tools for detection. She has also been given amazing opportunities during my academic program to travel to domestic and international conference to present her research. She has received the Excellence in Master’s Studies award and the Grinter Fellowship.
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