Maite de Maria Mulet

PhD Student


Manatee Contaminants

Maite De Maria is an international student from Uruguay, perusing a Ph.D. in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida.  She came to the College of Veterinary Medicine particularly to the Department of Physiological Science and to the Aquatic Animal Health Program as a Fulbright Scholar. Her research has always been related to anthropogenic activities and wildlife, particularly marine mammals. Nowadays, she is working with animal models (fish) to understand the exposure to contaminants in the water. She is trying to develop biomarkers in fish that can be used in other species to determine damage or exposure to worldwide used pesticides, particularly in manatees. Maite is applying new technologies to determine possible biomarkers related to gene expression and to lipids, and measuring contaminants in water that is normally difficult to sample. She has obtained two grants from the CVM that allowed her to apply to the competitive Fort Everglades Scholarship. Fortunately, she was awarded this scholarship that she will apply directly to her research. Maite has been also been awarded for her outstanding accomplishment as an international student in the CVM.

Maite De Maria Mulet


De María, Maite, Cecilia Silva-Sanchez, Kevin J. Kroll, Michael T. Walsh, Mohammad-Zaman Nouri, Margaret E. Hunter, Monica Ross, Tonya M. Clauss, and Nancy D. Denslow. 2021. “Chronic Exposure to Glyphosate in Florida Manatee.” Environment International 152 (July). doi:10.1016/j.envint.2021.106493.

De María, M., Szteren, D., García-Alonso, J., de Rezende, C. E., Gonçalves, R. A., Godoy, J. M., & Barboza, F. R. 2020. “Historic variation of trace elements in pinnipeds with spatially segregated trophic habits reveals differences in exposure to pollution.” Science of The Total Environment750, 141296.

To learn more about her research, grants, and affiliations, please contact Maite or visit her UF directory profile below.

Maite De María Mulet
Department: Department of Physiological Sciences

Maite De María Mulet

Phone: (352) 284-5335

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