Jessica Jacob

Jessica JacobsJessica is a PhD student in the Aquatic Animal Health Program with a passion for understanding and preventing infectious diseases in aquatic and terrestrial mammals. Her research includes identifying new diseases, determining the prevalence of diseases in populations, and developing vaccines to prevent diseases.  She uses a variety of cutting edge techniques to achieve her goals including next generation sequencing, genetic manipulation, and innovative vaccine design and construction techniques. This research is important because it allows us to determine what types of threats are faced by both managed and wild populations.  It also allows us to determine which of these diseases need to be mitigated by developing vaccines and which ones can be allowed to run their course.  Jessica’s research is funded by a competitive Graduate School Alumni Fellowship from the University of Florida.  Jessica has received multiple awards for Best Student Presentation and Best Student Poster at international conferences and has multiple first author publications for her work studying marine mammal diseases.

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