Certificate Students

Aquatic Animal Health Certificate Alumni

certificate alumni
AAM Certificate Class of 2012 with Ruth Francis-Floyd, DVM, MS, DACZM (L to R): Drs. Alissa Deming, Susan Fogelson, Ruth Francis-Floyd, Brianne Phillips, Nicci Fisher


  • Carolina Ruiz Le-Burt- National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF) Navy Marine Mammal Program


  • Amy Alexander– UF CVM Zoological Medicine
  • Ryan Fincher- BluePearl Sarasota
  • Trevor Gerlach- Cardiology resident at UGA
  • Stephanie King- Animal Emergency and Speciality Center at Chattanooga
  • Alexa McDermott- Georgia Aquarium


  • Aharon Lazerson
  • Kristine Aviles
  • Jenny Dill- Aquatic Pathology
  • Kate Fischman
  • Shannon McDonald
  • Katie O’Donnell


  • Alissa Deming- Dauphin Island Sea Lab
  • Susan Fogelson- Fishhead Diagnostics
  • Brianne Phillips- Zoo New England
  • Nicole Fisher


  • Christina Lioce- New England Animal Medical Center
  • Danielle Lore
  • Amanda Foskett
  • Jocelyn Lyle-Dugas
  • Nicole Compo- Caribbean Primate Research Center
  • Charlotte Jones


  • Kyle Donnelly- UF Zoological Medicine Resident
  • Sarah Henry- Interlakes Animal Hospital
  • Charles Gregory- Health Aquatics
  • Jessica Weeks


  • Lindsey DeFalco- Charleston Veterinary Center
  • Kelly Evans
  • Jenny K. Larson
  • April Larson
  • Barbara Linnehan- (NMMF) Navy Marine Mammal Program
  • Amanda Sefcik- Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital, Canada


  • Erica Schwarz
  • Paige Garrett – Deland Animal Hospital
  • Sofia Gaviria
  • Chelsea Hawkins
  • Erica Moore
  • Dorothy Nelson
  • Kristi Rhodes
  • Jake Saunders
  • Justin Sitwell- Aquatic Pathology resident at UGA
  • Michelle Donathan


  • Staci Spears
  • Jacqueline Dolan
  • Christine Mayer
  • Jere Stern
  • Jordyn Sthay
  • Sarah Johnston
  • Megan Strobel- Fellowship at Vancouver Aquarium
  • Shelby Loos- Fellowship at the Florida Keys Dolphin Research Center
  • Hannah Williams
  • Hayley Booth
  • Kristin Cook
  • Lauren Brown
  • Brain Vagt
  • Carmen Morales
  • Claire Paige


  • Dana Applegate
  • Aslyn Brandt- VCA
  • Heather Hoffman- Park Veterinary Hospital
  • Kyra Hartog- Bluepearl Tampa
  • Christa Barrett
  • Anna Hayley Bird- MedVet New Orleans


  • Stephanie Alexander
  • Hillary Allgood
  • Kaylee Brown
  • Katherine Cardenas
  • Megan Joyce
  • Kayla Lawlor
  • Bryce Miller
  • Jessica Sands
  • Riley Shugg
  • Mariajesus Soula
  • William Smith
  • Chelsey Tournade
  • Hayley Violetta
  • Lindsay Wilfong

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