Bottlenose Dolphin Swims Free of Fishing Gear

disentanglement photosOn Monday March 11th, UF Aquatic Animal Health veterinarians and staff along with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)Sarasota Dolphin Research ProgramUniversity of FloridaClearwater Marine Aquarium, Mote Marine Laboratory & AquariumCharlotte County Sheriff’s Office and MyFWC , disentangled a young male dolphin calf with multiple strands of monofilament line that was judged to be life threatening without intervention and removal. The mother and calf pair was located in Englewood, Florida where a rescue team was assembled by the Chicago Zoological Society’s Sarasota Dolphin Research Program to help free the calf of the entanglement. Dolphins are inquisitive animals and their curious nature can cause complicated situations with fishing material. This young male calf had a loop of monofilament line trapped in his mouth that circled over his back and was cutting into the oral cavity. There was also monofilament line cutting deeply into the tail, resulting in a partial loss of the tail. Veterinarians and biologists were able to gently restrain the calf and remove the line. Blood samples were also collected to further assess the health of the mom and calf. It was determined that both mom and calf were otherwise healthy with the line removed and could therefore be released. This effort was undoubtedly a great success for all and would not have been possible without the overwhelming support and assistance of the Florida Southeast Network collaboration effort. This disentanglement effort was performed under permit #18786-03.

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